We provide a wide range of trucking and related services to our satisfied customers across North America. Please select one of the items from the menu on the left to learn more about the specific services we offer. For more information about how Kurtz Trucking Ltd. can meet your Canadian/US freight needs, contact us today!

LTL & Trucking Services

We specialize in LTL and truckload van freight between Southwestern Ontario and the 48 states, with furtherance to Western and Eastern Canada. A number of large companies on both sides of the border depend on us for on time, and occasional rush, service. Our system allows us to move LTL freight direct to the consignee in much the same way a truckload is moved, with little or no crossdocking. What this means to you is reduced claims (our ratio is less than 0.001%) and transit times. Our LTL service standards are the same as truckload delivery standards, and our pricing is very competitive. We can look after all your Canadian/US freight needs!

Satellite Tracking

Our fleet is equipped with the Qualcomm satellite system. Knowing where your freight is and when it will be delivered is very important. Our staff can let you know exactly where a particular truck is and approximately what time it will be delivering or picking up your material.

Partner Carriers

In addition to our own fleet, Brian Kurtz Trucking utilizes a select group of partner carriers. Some of these fleets cover the same lanes and others are regional carriers. Our partners are very important to us. They allow us to service areas our fleet doesn't cover, such as Alaska and parts of Eastern and Western Canada, or provide specialized services like flat beds, tail gate, or straight truck deliveries.

We like to stay well connected and are always on the look out for quality partners: carriers that would like to utilize our fleet and have services to offer us. If you are an American carrier that would like to provide Canadian service to your customers please give our sales department a call.

Border Crossing Experts

We have a very knowledgeable staff when it comes to crossing the border. This means your freight will move quickly across the border. We are bonded by both US and Canada customs. In Canada we are a Post - Audit carrier. This allows us to bond freight into the Canada without having our trailer sealed. In the LTL freight business this is very important. It means that if one shipment on an LTL load has to go inland for further inspection or clearance the remaining freight on the trailer will not be delayed along with it.

CSA Program

The CSA program will give approved importers the benefits of a streamlined accounting and payment process for all imported goods. The streamlined accounting and payment process ends the need for importers to maintain separate and costly customs processes, allowing them to use their own business systems to fully self assess and meet their customs obligations.

The CSA program also gives approved importers, approved carriers, and registered drivers the benefits of a streamlined clearance option for CSA eligible goods. The streamlined clearance process ends the need for transactional transmissions of data related to eligible goods. This allows for the clearance of goods based on the identification of the approved importer, approved carrier, and registered driver.

Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd is an approved CSA carrier. Many of our drivers have all ready been approved for the CSA Program and we expect all drivers to be approved by March of 2002.

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We are always looking for professional drivers and owner-operators with a good understanding of the trucking industry.

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